William Hill Shares – Profitable?

Are you wondering whether you should invest in William Hill shares? If so, these ten facts might help you to make your mind up:


  1. William Hill is a bookmaker, serving customers around the world.


  1. As of August 2013, the company had a market capitalisation of over £4 billion, a fact to consider carefully when we talk about William Hill shares.


  1. William Hill employs around 16,600 people.


  1. The company offers poker, casino and bingo gaming facilities, as well as online betting and telebetting services.


  1. William Hill shares can be found on the London Stock Exchange.


  1. The company is also on the FTSE 100.


  1. William Hill was founded in 1934, a fact those trading William Hill shares may already know.


  1. It has undergone a series of takeovers, the latest of which was by Cinven and CVVC Partners in 1999.


  1. William Hill went into partnership with Playtech and Orbis in 2008.


  1. As part of the deal, William Hill paid the owner of Playtech some £144.5 million for assets and affiliates, including several website casinos which it still runs.


Armed with this useful information, you should be one step closer to deciding whether or not to invest in William Hill shares.


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