Traders: Millions By The Minute and Other Must Watch Trading Documentaries

Documentaries about online trading and the stock market in general tend to come along in fits and bursts. It hasn’t been a constantly tackled subject matter, the reasons of which aren’t easy to explain. However, it doesn’t mean the genre is destitute for films that are worth watching. For many, the recently aired BBC 2 documentary Traders: Millions By The Minute would have not only peaked their interest in online trading, but also the genre as a whole. The following looks at four other stock market focused documentaries that you should be watching should you have enjoyed Traders: Millions By The Minute.

Million Dollar Traders

Recreating the old Turtle Traders concept for the 21st century. Million Dollar Trades was a reality show that featured infamous head fund manager Lex Van Dam training several ordinary people in the ways of online trading. It was a simple premise (think The Apprentice of the stock market world), but fascinating in execution. It is a series that not only shows the ruthlessness of the field, a ruthlessness that can swallow newcomers whole, but also showcases the basic training elements that are worth their weight in gold. Million Dollar Traders is like Traders: Millions By The Minute, as it is both entertaining and highly informative.

Rookie Trader

Another one for the rookies among you and in many regards a must watch if you can find it. It follows a CNN anchor in his attempts to get to grips with trading and his efforts in learning how to do so. What makes it such a fascinating show may not actually be the anchors journey itself, but who he actually speaks to. Everything from trainers and coaches all the way through to market experts appear and drop countless pearls of wisdom. Most of which would cost you a pretty penny at a seminar. If you want to learn how to trade online, then Rookie Trader will give you a good look at market terminology, risk management, and basic strategic planning.

Trillion Dollar Bet

The stock market isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, as bad things can and do happen. Trillion Dollar Bet takes an in-depth look at the rise and subsequent fall of Long Term Capital Management, a hedge fund that was supposedly bread for success. Nobel Prize winners and PhDs, who truly believed they had cracked the code for stock market success, ran it. This film looks at the sinking of what was supposedly unsinkable, a great watch for those looking for a film that showcases the harsh reality of poor decision making.


Nowadays online trading is the norm, something that Traders: Millions by the Minutes showcases, but it wasn’t always this way. Floored looks at the days of yesteryear before online trading became so popular. It focuses on the demise of the open outcry and pit trading markets in particular. The days of rowdy traders screaming at the top of their lungs are of the past, but Floored offers viewers an entertaining and nostalgic look back.

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