Top 10 Penny Shares

GreenGro Technologies gained 858% in January 2014, an impressive feat indeed. Ever since marijuana became legal in Colorado and Washington, penny stocks for marijuana companies have soared. GreenGro Technologies’ share price has increased from approximately $0.05 per share to $0.43 between the beginning and end of January 2014.

Verso Paper Corp experienced a one-month gain of an incredible 380% in January 2014, with a market capitalisation of $158 million. The company makes paper products to be used in a variety of commercial print areas.

HEMP Inc operates as a holding company and has several subsidiaries which are related to both hemp and marijuana. During January 2014, it gained almost 363% and was in fact up by 1,332% in year-to-date terms.

Cannabis Science Inc is yet another company concerned with cannabis medication and had a value of $0.18 per share at the end of January 2014. It had experienced an increase of 248% over this month.

Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solutions is a mobile enterprise solution company. At the beginning of January 2014 stock stood at $3, however by the end of the month it had reached above $10. It should be noted that despite such promising figures the company has a market capitalisation of only $10.8 million.

Dialogic Inc is a communications company providing services such as network infrastructure and cloud solutions. Its market cap is $13 million but gained 178% during the first month of 2014, starting at $0.36 and ending at $1.00.

Endocan Corp is a company that offers a variety of cosmetic products and nutraceuticals. Its stock rose from $0.03 to $0.14 during January 2014.

Minco Gold Corp operates in China in the field of exploration-stage gold. Stock was up by $0.25 during the month of January 2014.  This represented a jump of 153% and the company ended this month with a share price of $0.41.

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc is a company which works on cancer treatments. It also has various other drug candidates in the preclinical stage. January 2014 saw an increase of 125% for this stock, and the company closed at $1.15 at the end of January.

Gray Fox Petroleum Corp jumped an impressive 97% during the month of January 2014. The company focuses on gas and oil exploration and operates mainly in Nevada, in the ButteValley region to be precise. It has a market cap of $82.5 million and ended January 2014 at $1.78 per share.

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