Is The Silver Price Finally Set To Soar?

Silver has always been seen as gold’s little brother in the world of investments. Even though it is a stable performer, it has seldom ever eclipsed the efforts of the gold market. However, in the world of investments there can be argument that every dog has their day and silver’s could very well come around in 2015. The following takes an in-depth look at the silver price and asks the questions, is the silver price finally set to soar?

Silver has always been a commodity that has found itself somewhat capped, whether that is literally or figuratively speaking. In 2014 that cap has had an increased physical presence, but even with that in place it hasn’t stopped silver from becoming a notable performer. The silver price should reach $20 during 2015, as the market and those within it continue to go about their business in a no-nonsense fashion. Such news will appease those with silver in their portfolios, but what will appease them more will be the fact that should the cap be lifted the silver price could shoot up even higher.

Between 2010 and 2015 silver and the silver price has been on an interesting journey. If you go back to 2011 one stat stands out above all others, that being that the silver price grew to approximately $50 in just a matter of months. At the time such growth was deemed impressive for the current setup of the silver market at the time. Fast forward through four temperamental years and you get to the point where the price of silver is on a sharp rise once again, but this time the market has an infinitely better setup that can handle an increased price.

With the market being setup perfectly, the pulls for both supply and demand have become ever apparent. Silver is seeing increasing industrial application that is only seeing the want for the product rise. Partner this up with the obvious increased investment demand and the picture of the silver price almost paints itself. Expert after expert has come forward to say that silver is commodity worth buying, with the demand only increasing. Even though many will go against the grain, it is hard to argue that silver and the silver price don’t have a big 2015 on the horizon.

There is no doubt that silver often sits in the shadow of gold, largely because their prices are so intrinsically linked. But through the increasing silver price this might be a shadow that they are about to step out of. It is hard to see, given the current state of affairs that silver won’t be the precious metal to watch in 2015. If you are looking to add a precious metal to your portfolio in 2015, then it is clear that there is a lot to love about silver and the possible lofty heights that the silver price could soar to.

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