Royal Mail Shares – Is It Right Time To Buy?

Many traders are asking the question – is it the right time to buy Royal Mail Shares? If you would like to find out more about Royal Mail Shares, read on.

Anyone who trades Royal Mail Shares will know that the Royal Mail is the UK wide postal service, owned by the government, which has been in operation for nearly 500 years. Royal Mail plc in fact owns the Royal Mail Group Limited. The Royal Mail Group Limited owns General Logistics Systems and in turn operates Parcelforce Worldwide and the Royal Mail brand. This is essential to consider when trading Royal Mail Shares.

If you are planning to trade Royal Mail Shares, do bear in mind that Royal Mail plc has a large responsibility for all the mail delivery and collection across the United Kingdom. It is owned by the government via the Postal Services Holding Company plc. This holding company is also the parent company of the nation wide Post Office Ltd, separated from Royal Mail in 2012. This is another point to factor into the equation when you are working out whether it is the right time to buy Royal Mail Shares.

By now, you should have a clearer idea of whether to buy Royal Mail Shares. The government is able to privatise as much as 90% of the Royal Mail if it desires, the other 10% being retained by employees of the Royal Mail. In September 2013 the government announced that it planned to privatise the Royal Mail in a £3 billion scheme, with the expectation that the changes would occur within 6 weeks. As a result of this it was also announced that around half of the Royal Mail plc would be floated on the LSE. Hopefully this information has been helpful in enabling you to decide whether you should buy or sell Royal Mail Shares.

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