Should I Invest In The FTSE 100?

Should I invest in the FTSE 100?’ is a question on many people’s minds. The FTSE 100 is after all one of the most used stock indices and has great significance in the financial world. If you are asking ‘Should I invest in the FTSE 100?’ then please read on for more information. It is worth spending time considering all the facts before coming to a decision when one is dabbling in the financial markets.

Those wondering ‘Should I invest in the FTSE 100?’ may be interested to hear that the FTSE 100 Index is a share index listing the first 100 companies of the London Stock Exchange. These companies have the highest market cap. Being listed on this index is regarded by many in the financial world as a sign of being a prosperous company. Companies have to have a full listing on the LSE and must have either a Euro or Sterling price on the Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service, whilst also meeting particular criteria in other respects, before being allowed to join. This is a key point to note if you would like to find out the answer to the question ‘Should I invest in the FTSE 100?’

Another point to make when we ask ‘Should I invest in the FTSE 100?’ is that the FTSE 100 started life on 3 January 1984 and was developed by the LSE’s then-Economics Department. It reached its highest value since September 2000, of 6,840.27 points, on the 22 May 2013. The FTSE is published once every fifteen seconds, calculated in real time. Members are determined on a quarterly basis and represent three quarters of the market cap of the LSE. It is the most-used stock market indicator in the United Kingdom. Trading runs from 8am-4:30pm with closing values at 4:35pm. It really is matter of considering all the facts when you ask ‘Should I invest in the FTSE 100?’

Hopefully you should have a better idea of the answer to the question ‘Should I invest in the FTSE 100?’ The fact that FTSE 100’s market cap was as of 30 April 2012 £1,549 billion is something to bear in mind. However, ultimately, only you can answer the question ‘Should I invest in the FTSE 100?’ Prudence, caution and careful thought cannot be over-emphasized as the source of the most successful trades.

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